About T.L.

In May of 1989, my best friend Kathy was getting married and  I volunteered to help with the decor. Over a span of  20 years, I had helped several  more friends, family members and even my sister plan and decorate their weddings. In 2009 I  decorated my own wedding. It was a lot of pressure and I DO NOT recommend it..LOL.  Over the next few years Kathy, my mom, my sister Megan, my son Alex and I had so many learning experiences and we made an awesome team. At the request of an aunt of a bride, I decided to have business cards made. "Elegant Creations" is what we were known as back then.

 By 2012 I had perfected a particular centerpiece...the twisting of the stem of silk lilies, submersing them in water and adding a floating candle on top. From 2010 to 2012 I had twisted so many lilies that my fingers were often calloused but the creations I would come up with seemed endless. I used to say, "Anyone can stick a flower in a vase. It should do something more than just sit there". What started out as a joke one day became a reality.  I laughed and said to my team of friends that were helping me at an event, "I've kneaded so many these lily stems, I need to change the name of the company to Twisted Lilies."


Two weeks later, late May of  2012 , I sat down at my computer to register my business as an L.L.C. I discovered that the name"Elegant Creations" was taken already and I was so disappointed! I just sat there, staring at the screen. Then it hit me......Twisted Lilies! 

The trends of the wedding industry change so much so that I knew I needed a name that was neither trendy nor traditional. I called my brother Al, who was an investment broker at the time and asked for his opinion from a business standpoint. He agreed that the business name should be timeless and assured me that the name I had chosen was both trendy AND traditional.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the years, I have met some of the most wonderful people. Each event has brought about a brand new experience and  I'm honored to serve. I absolutely LOVE what I do! I hope you do too.

The Small Details

Love is in the details....One of my very favorite things to do is setting a King's Table. I can be as creative as I want to be...the possibilities are endless! It's a lot of work and requires a LOT of prepping but the results are so rewarding.

      Tel: 314-258-4206

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